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Dream It. Plan It. 

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Small Business Loans

Business funding from $10,000 - $75,000,000

Small Business Loans

700+ Industry types served

Small Business Loans

No restrictions on how you use the capital

Small Business Loans

Loans & Advances in the U.S. & Canada

Your Funding Is Just A Few Clicks Away!


This checklist has been provided to assist you through the process of gathering the information for the initial evaluation of your loan request. Complete information will be necessary to process your application. All forms are provided herein unless otherwise noted:

  1. Loan Application 

  2. Business Debt Schedule

  3. Management Resume Form — (including spouse with ownership and key management)

  4. Sources Of Equity Injection / Down Payment

  5. Personal Financial Statement — (For each guarantor)

  6. SBA Form 1919 — (For each applicant and guarantor)


☐  Personal Tax Returns for the three prior years

☐  Two Years Projections of Profit & Loss

☐  Business Plan (if start-up, business acquisition or turn around)

☐  Interim Business Financial Statement(s), must be less than 60 days old

☐  Business Tax Returns for the three prior years

☐  Business Financial Statements (must include profit & loss statements and balance sheets) for the three prior years

☐  Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Aging Schedules — as of the same date as the profit and loss statements and balance sheets (if applicable)

☐  Business Purchase Agreement / Letter of Intent to Purchase (if applicable)

☐  Debt Refinance Questionnaire (available if applicable)

☐  Working Capital Disbursement Requirements (available if applicable)

☐  Historical Financial Information on the business being acquired (if applicable)

☐  Construction Documentation per the Construction Letter (available if applicable)

☐  FDD — Franchise Disclosure Document (if applicable)

☐  Executed Franchise Agreement or Letter of Approval from Franchisor (if applicable)

Download SBA Documents Now:

To make the process is seamless for our borrowers, you can click each link above and complete at your convenience. Once you have  completed all steps, please save a copy to your desktop, print, sign and submit to  


If you still have questions, you can contact our team 24-7 via email.

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