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Our lending platform gives brokers access to affordable technology that will score and match their clients with the right lender with the first submission.

The Next Generation of Brokers

Our business financing expertise, access to best options at the best rates, and ethical business practices has made us the go-to platform for brokers looking to digitize their process.


We have an established network of trusted partners that will provide your clients with the best financing.

Our E-Broker Platform Includes:

1.  Pipeline Management

2.  Email Marketing

3.  Credit Scoring & Open Banking

4.  Marketplace (U.S. and Canada) 

5.  Calendar & Notes

6.  Commission & Renewal Report


Ivy Lender's lending platform offers a white-label application that can be integrated directly onto your website. Drop-off customers login directly from your website and start and stop at their convenience.  Unique to our application, are the modifications based on loan type.


Ivy Lender's lending platform can automatically gather credit data from a wide range of sources including bureaus, anti-fraud, AML, and social media. 


Once applicant's are scored we will match them against our lender network of over 100 lenders across North America.

Credit Booster

Our platform monitors the financial and credit health of each borrower, providing them with advance notice at early signs of trouble or suggesting if they may be eligible for renewals or additional products.

The Ivy Lender Value Proposition

E - Brokers

Traditional Brokers


Financial Review


Credit Monitoring

Borrowers can easily apply and access information 24/7 via web & mobile

Fully digitized, real-time data verification

AI - driven marketplace matches applicants with the right lender 

Trigger pre-qualification for new products

Manual, offline, limited options for applicants

No verification on the accuracy of applicant's information

Traditional rolodex model leaves brokers guessing which lender is a fit for applicants

No options for declined applicants

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