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Join The Ivy Family

We provide a unique set of lending, integration and servicing options to a broad spectrum of partners, who share the common objective of helping small businesses succeed.

  • We Partner with a Wide Range of SMB Service Providers

  • We Provide Flexible Integration Options

  • We Provide Service Options to Fit Your Needs

  • We Offer Competitive Commission and Deal Terms

Provide your small businesses a trusted, online source to better manage and grow their business.

  1. Enhance your brand by offering a professional and easy to use lending experience beyond a simple 'decline'

  2. Accelerate your client's cash flow by enabling capital deployment quickly and efficiently

  3. Save them time by automating their experience

  4. Give them confidence by connecting them to a trusted source that protects their information

Financial Institution Program

You’re a financial institution looking for a platform that can process applications that are not a fit for your credit guidelines.  Partnering with Ivy Lender means options for your turndown applicants and a path to bank financing

  • Offer a competitive product that attracts small businesses to your financial institution

  • Strengthen your small business relationships

  • Offer a comprehensive solution that competes with non-bank providers

  • Provide a central point of focus through seamless integration into existing banking channels

  • Create a foundation to build from for future products and services

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Ivy Lender Lending Program

Processor Program

You’re an acquirer or payment aggregator who wants to offer Ivy Lender's products to your customer base of small business owners. Ivy Lender offers flexible integration, sales and marketing solutions that allow partners to leverage our platform to help their customers grow.

Ivy Lender ISO Program

Lender Program

You’re a direct lender looking to reduce your underwriting costs from processing deals that are not a fit.  Partnering with Ivy Lender means cleaner files, organized supporting documentation, and pre-scored applicants.  Looking for options outside of your credit guidelines?  Consider Ivy Lender's marketplace as a back-end solution for your declined population.

Ivy Lender ISO Program

Broker Program

You’re a broker with  small business owners who could benefit from Ivy Lenders's financing options. Ivy Lender offers a simple affiliate partner application and set-up, allowing you to start earning commissions quickly while helping your audience find the right financing solution for their needs.

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