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$5,000 - $5,000,000



As Low As 5.49%



4 Months to 10 Years

Salon & Spa Business Loans

Salon & Spa Loans

Apply Online


Receive Approval

In 3 Hours


Get Funded In

24 Hours

Your clients shouldn’t be the only ones to benefit from a little peace of mind.

At Ivy Lender we might not know much about beauty, but we know a lot about working capital. If you run a spa, hair salon, or nail salon, we know that your focus is making your clients feel beautiful and pampered. Neither is easy, but both are a lot more manageable with the right tools – whether it’s the right balayage board or a lender you can count on.


Ivy Lender understands that every business is different.

  •  We can help you purchase inventory by funding your invoices


  • We can help you develop and market your brand by providing your with marketing dollars


  •  We can help you strengthen your brand by providing you with the working capital to keep your practice open


You can use the funds in a variety of ways:


   •     Purchase Equipment

   •     Invest in Marketing Programs

   •     Cover Operating Expenses

   •     Hire Additional Staff

   •     Refinance High-Interest Debt, Saving You Hundreds or Even Thousands Per Month





9 months in business


Business Revenue must be $100,000 +


Business owners must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents


Business owners must have personal credit scores above 540


Cash flow to support loan payments




Bankruptcies or foreclosures in the last 3 years


Prior default on government backed loans


Outstanding tax liens


Loan proceeds cannot be used for unpaid taxes

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