Business Loans


$5,000 - $5,000,000



As Low As 5.49%



4 Months to 10 Years

Apply Online

Receive Approval

In 3 Hours

Get Funded In

24 Hours

Ivy Lender provides quick, efficient, and affordable loans to help you start or expand your business, with a consultative approach focused on your growth plan.  Financing your franchise business should be easy. You don't need long, unpredictable processes and high-stakes collateral requirements slowing you down.


Get financing for any franchise need, from remodels to technology upgrades.


  • Remodels

  • Technology & Equipment Upgrades

  • Working Capital

  • New Stores

  • Acquisitions


Easy and efficient financing for your franchise business.


New Units


Whether you’re looking to open your first unit or your fiftieth, we can quickly provide the new unit financing you need.


Multi-Unit Rollouts


Ready to expand your franchise empire? Our multi-unit commitments help you confidently plan your multi-unit rollout.




If you self-funded your franchise business, borrow against it to take money off the table or free up capital to start new units.




When it’s time to remodel, avoid paying money out of pocket and enjoy fixed monthly payments over the life of the loan.




Refinance your debt to "get your house back" and free up collateral to open additional units, or consolidate your debt with one lender.


Existing Unit Purchases


Looking to acquire an existing franchise business? Gain a competitive advantage over other bidders with a loan commitment in just a few days.





9 months in business


Business Revenue must be $100,000 + 


Business owners must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents


Business owners must have personal credit scores above 540


Cash flow to support loan payments




Bankruptcies or foreclosures in the last 3 years


Prior default on government backed loans


Outstanding tax liens


Loan proceeds cannot be used for unpaid taxes