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Equipment Leasing Process

Female Business Owners

Apply Online


Get Approved In

24 Hours


Grow Your Business

Applicants Should Provide:


  • Completed Ivy Lender credit application (via e-mail, fax, or online)

  • Invoice from vendor of Equipment or Vehicle(s) to be leased and cost

  • Terms of lease desired

  • Financial statement(s) for leases over $35,000


After Information Is Received, Ivy Lender Will:

  • Verify bank account information

  • Confirm status with trade references

  • Access Credit Bureaus, Paynet, and other electronic credit rating agencies as appropriate

  • Review Application

We Will Respond, Usually Within 24 hours (weekends excluded) and:

  • Notify you of approval status or request additional information, if needed

  • Prepare lease documents

Original Lease Documents Will Be Sent To The Customer Or Vendor

  • Appropriate parties will execute the documents

  • Documents are returned to us with either the security deposit or advance payment and documentation fee

  • After receipt of the executed lease, we will issue a purchase order to the vendor/dealer

  • After receipt of customer’s certificate of acceptance and verbal confirmation of the equipment delivery, we will pay the vendor. The billing process begins immediately after the vendor is paid​

Why Ivy Lender?

  • Our best-in-class service is delivered through a local distribution network. We offer a large network of alternative funding professionals across North America, so you deal with local decision makers who understand your market, your business, and your needs.


  • Fast service means opportunities and obligations don’t have to wait. We can often meet clients’ financing requirements in less than a week.


  • Get full reporting transparency, with access to 24-7 support. 


  • No hidden fees and terms.​

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