Our borrowers are at the core of our operating model.  It is not a matter of "if we can give you a loan" it's a matter of when.

Introducing Ivy Lender's Credit BOOSTER

Credit Booster provides borrowers with the technology to stay on top of their credit score.  Ivy Lender is launching a solution to get our borrowers healthy credit.

How it works


Track Your Score

Credit Booster equips borrowers with the information they need to stay on top of their credit score. Our system will create a custom path to help borrowers receive a loan or credit card.



Review Our Offers

Our goal is to show borrowers the best financing options as their score improves.   A success story for Ivy Lender, is making sure a borrower is a prime applicant.  This can take time and we are prepared to show them the way.


Select Your Offer

Our borrowers get personalized recommendations.  They simply select the offer that makes the most sense for them.



Receive Your Loan or Credit Cards

Once  a borrower has selected the right product for their needs, they can continue to benefit from Ivy Credit Booster.  As their score improves, Credit Booster will continue to flag additional offers.

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